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Centuries have gone past while the episode of Rama’s exile happened within the gigantic walls of Ayodhya’s fort at his coronation day when he followed the orders of his parents instead of choosing the King’s throne. The passage he followed with his brother Laxaman & wife Sita while in exile is till date revered and walked upon by countless travelers in search of abolishing their sins.

Chitrakoot (Hills of Many Wonders) is a salubrious place where Lord Rama spent 12 years of his exile. Abundant with natural & scenic beauty; the sanctimonious Chitrakoot is famously known as mini Varanasi. It’s believed that Chitrakoot is the place where Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Mahesh have incarnated.


Explore Chitrakoot

Kamadgiri Parikrama- the 6 KMS. circumambulatory passage at the foothills of the Kamadgiri Mountains (deep forested area) is most venerated pilgrimage for visitors while travelling the Chitrakoot. The passage is embellished with numerous temples which are caved in Kamadgir Mountains and are dedicated to various Gods & Goddesses. The mountain is itself believed to be Lord Rama where he is worshiped in a temple called Kamadnath Ji literally means the fulfiller of all wishes.


Mandakini River & the Ghats- the poetic beauty of Chitrakoot along its religious sanctity has enthralled travelers throughout different periods. The famous Kalidas, Valmiki & Tulsidas have described elaborately about it in their writings. Mandakini River & its Ghats are believed to be the place where Lord Rama used to take bath. The famous Ramghat is the most visited place at Chitrakoot where Lord Rama appeared before the poet Tulsidas.


Hanuman Dhara- 5 KMS. walk up the hills from Ramghat is a beautiful cascade dropping down on Lord Hanuman and converging into a pond. The story recites the legendry episode of epic Ramayana where after burning the Golden Fort of Ravana; he came here to soothe his tail by the water which came out off the point where Lord Rama had shoot an arrow. Yet ascend to Hanuman Dhara is bit fatiguing but the picturesque view from top is tremendous.


Gupta Godavari- the thrill to meander a maze like cave which is filled with rushing cold water will surely increase your adrenal to explore the Gupta Godavari- the originating point of a stream. Another cave which is narrower in comparison to earlier one is believed to be the place where Lord Rama & Lakshamana held court in it which has two natural throne-like rocks.


Bharat Milap Sthal, Janki Kund, Sfatik Shila- Bharat Milap Temple is the place where Bharat the younger brother of Lord Rama met him in Chitrakoot. It is said that meeting of four brothers was so emotional that even the rocks and mountains of Chitrakoot melted. Foot prints of Lord Rama and his brothers were imprinted on these rocks and are still present today and seen at Bharat Mildap. Janki Kund is situated upstream of the Ramghat and Sfatik Shila, a few kilometer beyond Janaki Kund is another densely forested area on the banks of the Mandakini.


Sati Anasuya Ashram- Sati Anasuya Ashram is a very peaceful place where various streams from the hills converge and form the Mandakini River.16 KMS. away from town; Sati Anasuya Ashram is set amidst thick forests that round to the melody of birdsong all day. It is believed that in past there was a severe famine which dried all the water channels in Chitrakoot. The people and sages living there were starving to death when Sati Anusuya did a strenuous penance to bring the River Mandakini here which made Chitrakoot green and fertile again. The surroundings here is enchanting which allure pilgrims and travelers alike.


Things to do in Chitrakoot

~ Circumambulate (Parikrama) of the Kamadgiri Mountain.
~ Trekking/ Climbing up to Hanuman Dhara.
~ Explore the thrill of Measuring Gupta Godavari Cave.
~ Visit at Bharat Milap Sthal, Janki Kund & Sfatik Shila.
~ Boating & Deep Dan at theMandakini River along the Ghats of Chitrakoot.
~ Savor the tranquility of Sati Anusuya Asharam.


Excursion from Chitrakoot

Panna (APPROX. 135 KMS. 3 HRS 10 Minutes)- Awarded as one of the best maintained National Park of India by Ministry of Tourism in 2007; Panna has all the charm to both, calm & thrill you. Panna is home to some of the biggest predators and highest waterfalls of India. Earlier the capital city of Raja Chhatrasal’s kingdom of 17th century, Panna is adorned with hills, Ken River and variety of flora & fauna. You can spot the majestic tiger, the ghariyal- a huge reptile found only in the Indian subcontinent. Points of interest are Pandav Falls, Raneh Falls, Ken Ghariyal Sanctury, Ken Boating Site, Mahamati Prannathji Temple & Baldeoji Temple etc.


Rewa (APPROX. 151 KMS. 3 & ½ HRS.)- Best known as the playground of Rare White Tigers; Rewa is blessed with natural beauty, abundant greenery, high waterfalls, Buddhist stupas & 35 ft. reclining Bhairav Baba statue. Situated on the north-western side of Madhya Pradesh; Rewa promises to offer a rare spectacle. Points of interest are Purva Waterfall, Govindgarh Palace, Deor Kothar, Mukundpur Zoo, Baghela Museum, Bhairav Statue & Viyankat Bhawan.

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