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India has transformed drastically in last decade. Earlier trend of seeking employment & living an uneventful life has changed to a vast field of entrepreneurship. Numbers of young blood entrepreneurs from India are now working hard to make & mark a niche of their own in globalized world. As per current situation & trend in India; future lies with those who will take risk, initiative & innovation in the prolific field of business.

Current generation understands this very well and is now working hard to achieve their goal in the field of entrepreneurship. Now the initiatives don’t stick to the field of engineering, medical, management or technical students only. Entrepreneurship has penetrated in the other streams as well. Let’s know few of the luminary pioneers in field of entrepreneurship in India:-

1. Ritesh Agarwal











He is the man behind the ‘Ola’ for rooms, OYO Rooms. The start-up is a network of technology – enabled budget hotels. This Gurgaon-based company, was founded by him in 2012. It is backed by Light speed Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Green Oaks Capital and has more than 700 hotels under its brand. A college dropout who founded Oravel when he was 18 received its share of funding and accolades and later he rebranded it to OYO Rooms.

2. Deepak Ravindran


He founded Quest technologies which lets people answer someone else’s question which has been asked by a text message. His primary company was Innoz Technologies which was behind ‘SmsGyan’ handing internet’s knowledge to people via texts. His latest venture is Lookup, which is a local commerce messaging app which lets users chat with local businesses and shops.

3. Farrhad Acidwalla

Starting at the age of 16 by borrowing 500 bucks from his father for buying a domain name and started building a web community particularly devoted to aviation and aero-modelling. After the website took off, he sold the community for a pretty high return. Today, he is the CEO of a web development, marketing, advertising and branding company called Rockstah Media. Despite being a very young company of 1 year, it has its own team of developers, marketers and designers across the globe.

4. Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran

Perhaps India’s youngest entrepreneurs, these 14 and 12 year old techie brothers are the founders of Go Dimensions, an app development unit they founded in 2011 in their home in Chennai. Over the years, they have developed eleven different apps that are available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The apps have received more than 35,000+ downloads. The two have given various presentations as IIM-B as well as at a TedX conference.

5. King Sidharth

King is a speaker, author, magazine publisher, rad dude, and he’s organizing a conference for teenagers called Createens. It will give young people an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, blogging, and more from world-wide experts.


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