Entrepreneur’s ‘Chaupal’-3

The old saying that a leader is born not made has been abolished by this current generation of India. New entrepreneurs from India are pioneer in their fields in numbers. Their leadership skills are developed through education, social interactions, & the task they perform. They are no more job-seekers but employment producers. Various studies done in this field brings the outcome that there are certain skills which are required to be a successful entrepreneurs. These skills and competency sets can be acquired through learning process. Few skills which are common in entrepreneurs are easy to acquire and can be developed through proper understanding.

Major Skills for Entrepreneurs

Leadership Qualities- leadership is the foremost quality to be a successful entrepreneur. Leadership is about leading and bringing a team behind to acquire certain goals. Overall leadership is a quality of bunch of skills together such as taking initiative, taking risk, having managerial abilities, forecasting future trends, being calculative etc. One can be a successful leader through proper learning and tasks performed.

Innovative- Innovation is the root of entrepreneurship. Ever new initiatives are the outcome of innovation. In general finding the best mean to perform a task is called innovation. Here innovation provides the correct sequencing of activities through which values are created. The quality of innovation is as such that it can be finding and implementing in all the fields and tasks. Since past, India is called a country of innovative people. The newer generation in India is more innovative in comparison to past.

Social Networking- Basically entrepreneurship is an outcome of a good team. This team works together to achieve a desired goal. This team works together in society and interacts with each other as well. For being a successful entrepreneur one need social networking skill which provide human resource in abundance to perform different tasks. Currently social platforms & internet combined provide a good chance to entrepreneurs to hone their social networking skill.

Apart from these skills there are many qualities which are required to be a successful entrepreneur. Those skills and competency sets will be discussed further in other articles.

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