Entrepreneur’s ‘Chaupal’-2

India is a country of multiple small enterprises. These enterprises strengthen the core of Indian economy. The overall growth of these enterprises is double of actual growth of Indian corporate. Every corner of the country produces number of items of daily use and forms a separate economy respective to the localities. The innovations of these enterprises are mind boggling. These innovations are like jewel of time and period.

Early History

From 18th to half of 20th century; earlier these enterprises grew with the centralized development of colonial period. Later these small enterprises transformed into big corporate through centralization. This centralization happened with government efforts into PSUs, Business Units &, foreign enterprises. With the ease of transportation and infrastructural development in India; in no time these enterprises made their own niche.


In 1991 when Indian economy changed its gear from closed to liberalization; these enterprises felt the hardest competition ever before. Where liberalization helped technical advancement in India, the growth of these small enterprises slowed down. Second advancement in infrastructure around 2000-2002 further raised the competition but helped these enterprises to come up with new innovative ideas.

Present Situation

After a lenient period of two decades, now is the time for these small enterprises to grow further. Currently numbers of new entrepreneurs are channelizing their thoughts into business units. Now the approach of these enterprises is global. With the help of government and business advancement these enterprises have a certain future. One aspect of the present is fresh blood from new generation. Well informed, with business ease, appropriately educated; this new generation is infusing their time in entrepreneurship. According to business statistics with in no time India will transform into a business hub for world.

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