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The beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir fascinates millions with its salubrious meadows, pastures, alpine forest, & snow covered mountain ranges. The state is truly defined as a land of lakes, rivers and pristine beauty. State capital Srinagar has all the amenities to serve different range tourists. Just 22 km away from Srinagar at the upper part of western Himalayas, the state is blessed with a National Park; known as Dachigam National Park.


Initially the park was established to provide drinking water supply in the area by relocating 10 villages in 1910. The name Dachigam literally means the same. The park was prior under the control of the king of Jammu & Kashmir, later government took over it and it was established as a national park in the year 1981. The area of the park is 141 sq km. This area consist elevated mountains of western Himalyas. The altitude varies drastically between 5500 ft to 14000 ft. The park is best considered as two sections – Upper and Lower Dachigam.


Dagwan river flows parallel to the road which takes the tourist inside the park. At lower elevation the park is covered with the coniferous forest. Interspersed between these are alpine pastures, meadows, waterfalls and scrub vegetation with deep gullies, locally known as Nars, running down the mountain face.


The park is best known as the home of the hangul, or Kashmir stag. Himalayan Black Bear are visible in the lower reaches from spring to autumn and hibernate in winter. Long-Tailed Marmots are very conspicuous during summer in the upper reaches while Mouse Hare are active throughout the year. Other wildlife includes Leopard, Common Palm Civet, Jackal, Red Fox, Yellow-throated Marten and Himalayan Weasel.


Over 145 different bird species including the Lammergeier, colourful species like Monal Pheasant and Blue Magpie are seen.

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